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Consumer Behaviour

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Develop an understanding of the psychology that drives a consumer to become interested in a product (or service); and then make a decision to buy there rather than elsewhere.

What this Course Covers

Six lessons:

  1.     What is Marketing Psychology?
  2.     Who we sell to - Understanding the Consumer
  3.     Psychology of Consumer Behaviour
  4.     Market Research Techniques
  5.     Where We Sell
  6.     Advertising and the Broader Marketing - How to Sell


  • 20+hour, self paced course;
  • Fully online
  • Optional, very practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self assessment tests
  • Certificate of Completion on achieving a 60% pass rate on a final assessment


Businesses will always have greater success in attracting and interacting with customers, when they give due consideration to who their customer might be and the triggers that might motivate a reaction from those people. When you understand the psychology that drives a client, your level of communication moves up a notch, and your potential for doing business is in turn increased.

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Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour
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