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Counselling Practice Study Guide

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Counselling skills are needed in many different situations, and this is a course that can set you on the right track to developing such skills.

Counselling happens both formally and informally. Professional counsellors may need a high level of formal training and experience; well beyond what this course can teach you, but counselling happens every day at levels below that. Ordinary people help friends and family get through difficult times. Youth workers, social workers, clerics and undertakers among many other professionals need to practice counselling in their day to day work.

Whatever your situation, this is a great course to start developing your counselling skills.

Course Content

 This course has seven lessons as follows
1. Where can Counselling be Used
2. How to See Behind the Mask
3. Emotions and Attitudes
4. How to Communicate Better when All You Have is Words
5. Theory versus Practice
6. Diffusing Difficult Situations
7. Golden Rules or Tips

Who might Study this Course?
· A starter course for anyone contemplating work in counselling
· Skills Development for health or welfare professionals or anyone working in community services.
· Foundation (Introductory) training for volunteer counsellors (eg. Church organisations, charities)
· Professional Development for anyone working with people, from human resources management to supervisors.


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Counselling Practice Study Guide Counselling Practice Study Guide
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