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Dog Owners Course

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Keeping a dog can be be one of the most rewarding things anyone can do; but also challenging in a number of ways, particularly if you don't have adequate knowledge or experience. Dogs are not humans; but they have co-existed with humans since the beginnings of civilization. They can live with you in the home; at work or anywhere; but you need to recognize their physical and emotional needs, and how those needs vary from the needs of a human.

This course helps you to understand all of that.


What this course covers

Six lessons

  1. Dogs and Humans - Matching Breed to the Owner and Home
  2. Understanding the Biology of Dogs
  3. Health Care for Dogs
  4. Psychology of Dogs - Insights for Training
  5. Grooming Dogs
  6. Working with Dogs - Services to Utilise or Work In


  •  20+hour, self paced course;
  • Fully online
  • Optional, very practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self assessment tests
  • Certificate of Completion on achieving a 60% pass rate on a final assessment

Dogs can be expensive to keep. Reports have suggested that a dog may cost a person (over the course of it's lifetime) the equivalent of 3 or 4 months of an average income. Keeping a dog is a financial and emotional responsibility. It is a living thing, not an inanimate toy. If you have the need and desire to keep a dog, it can be life enriching for well over a decade. If you don't have the commitment for a decade, you, ownership that starts with good intention can rapidly turn into a problem for you and the animal.

Doing this course may be a very sensible way to both prepare for dog ownership, and verify you are ready to own a dog -before you find yourself committed with no easy way out.

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Dog Owners Course Dog Owners Course
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