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Feeding Animals

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An animal's health and well being depends upon what they eat. For anyone concerned with animals, whether managing pets, farm animals or wildlife, this course can provide extremely useful insights that can help you do a better job caring for animals. The animals in your care will enjoy better health and quality of life, and you'll save yourself from potentially costly mistakes.

What This Course Covers

Ten lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. Feed Composition
  3. Forage Feeding
  4. Feed Concentrates
  5. Additives to Food
  6. Management for Producing and Supplying Feed
  7. Feeding Pets
  8. Feeding Livestock
  9. Feeding Wildlife
  10. Eating Disorders

  •  20+hour, self paced course
  • Fully online
  • Optional, very practical set tasks throughout
  • Automated self assessment tests
  • Certificate of Completion on achieving a 60% pass rate on a final assessment


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Feeding Animals Feeding Animals
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