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Human Biology III - Cardio Respiratory Performance (BSC301)



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Learn about the Lungs and Heart

The human heart and lungs are two organs which we cannot do without. If either stops functioning; we die -and that's a good reason to look after your lungs and heart. To achieve good heart and lung health; you need to maintain a good level of cardiorespiratory fitness; and that means regular exercise.

By increasing your heart rate and rate of breathing; you will increase your cardiorepiratory health and endurance capacity. If the exercise is too vigorous it can put strain on unhealthy lung or heart tissues; so the rule should be to increase but not over use the workload on these organs. To understand and do this appropriately, is what this course is all about. 

What's in this Course?

Seven lessons:

  1. The Science of Blood
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Pulmonary Ventilation
  4. Gas Exchange and Transport
  5. Blood Flow and Gas Transport
  6. Cardio Respiratory Control
  7. Cardio Respiratory Disease


Study when, where and however much you want. For most students, the course can be completed with a total of around 100 hours of study; and a commitment close to that may be needed to achieve desired learning outcomes.


Self Assessment Tests are presented throughout the course. These are essentially an automated quiz. When you undertake a "SAT" or "Self Assessment Test", you will be able to see what you got correct, and what was incorrect; and in that way, you can identify your weaknesses.

Assignments are given at the end of each lesson. You should complete this assignment, paying careful attention to follow what is asked of you. It can be just as important to learn to work to specification, as it is to learn about the topic you are studying. Graduates who develop a habit of working to specification with vegetable growing, will impress others, and will be more efficient when self employed.

A Final Exam is offered upon satisfactory completion of all assignments. This is optional. If you choose to apply for and do this exam, you will have the possibility of obtaining a "formal credit" or "Pass Certification" for this course. A fee applies. The exam may be sat under prearranged conditions anywhere in the world. This college will award you a formal transcript, upon successful completion of the exam, as proof of your results.

Recognition and Ethics

This college is a member of the ACS Affiliates Network; a group of colleges from several countries, affiliated with each other through ACS Distance Education.. Courses are developed with input from all of these colleges, aspiring to reflect internationally accepted standards and needs.

A strict "No Plagiarism" and "No fraud" policy exists. Assignments are checked for plagiarism, and assignments will not be deemed to have been completed, if work is not your own original creation, and is found to have been copied from elsewhere. If the person doing the course is discovered to be different to the name enrolled, the enrolment and any results will be recorded as invalid and any fees paid will be forfeited.

Refund Policy

A full refund less expenses (up to 15% of fees applied) is provided to anyone wishing to withdraw from a course, within 2 weeks of enrolment. This does not apply after the first assignment has been submitted and marked; or after the two weeks has expired.


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Human Biology III - Cardio Respiratory Performance (BSC301) Human Biology III - Cardio Respiratory Performance (BSC301)
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