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Research Project I (BGN102)



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Learn to Research Any Subject Better

Learn how to collect, collate and interpret and evaluate data and prepare reports.

This is a great course for the serious student who needs to conduct research as part of their educational program and for people working in data collection, insights and interpretation.

Learn more about -

  • Deciding on a research questions
  • Finding out information
  • Carrying out statistical investigations
  • Writing Reports

This is a useful course for anyone who has to conduct research or projects and write reports as part of their job or education.

What this Course Covers

There are 6 lessons in this course:

1.   Determining Research Needs
        Identifying research needs
        The research goal
        The research question
        Other questions to clarify the research goal
        Sources of information
        What information is required
        Depth and breadth of data
        Constraining factors: time, resources
2.   Searching For Information
        Kind of exploratory research
        Primary data research
        Literary reviews
        Research objectives
3.   Research Methods
        Research terminology
        A controlled environment
        Other field trial considerations
        Steps in collection and analysis of data
        Setting up a comparison trial
        Running the trial
        Evaluating the trial
        Interviewing skills
        Asking questions
        Types of questions
        Ways of handling difficult questions
4.   Using Statistics
        Official statistics
        Reasons for using statistics
        Disadvantages of statistics
        Issues to consider
        Descriptive statistics
        Observed and expected rates
        Confidence intervals
        Conducting Statistical Research
        Reliability of statistics
        Presenting statistics: pie charts, bar charts, histograms
        Descriptive statistics: mean, median, mode, variation, standard deviation, etc
        Correlation, Probability
5.  Research Reports
        Collecting quantitative data
        Conducting a survey
        Procedure for designing a survey
        Forms of data
        Planning a formal survey
        Designing a questionnaire
        Common problems
6.   Research Reporting
        Report writing tips
        Structure of a report
        The report outline
        Research papers


Study when, where and however much you want. For most students, the course can be completed with a total of around 100 hours of study; and a commitment close to that may be needed to achieve desired learning outcomes.

Extra Reading

The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course

  • Learning Tips
  • Technical Writing


Self Assessment Tests are presented throughout the course. These are essentially an automated quiz. When you undertake a "SAT" or "Self Assessment Test", you will be able to see what you got correct, and what was incorrect; and in that way, you can identify your weaknesses.

Assignments are given at the end of each lesson. You should complete this assignment, paying careful attention to follow what is asked of you. It can be just as important to learn to work to specification, as it is to learn about the topic you are studying. Graduates who develop a habit of working to specification in the field of human behaviour, will impress employers, and will be more efficient when self employed.

A Final Exam is offered upon satisfactory completion of all assignments. This is optional. If you choose to apply for and do this exam, you will have the possibility of obtaining a "formal credit" or "Pass Certification" for this course. A fee applies. The exam may be sat under prearranged conditions anywhere in the world. This college will award you a formal transcript, upon successful completion of the exam, as proof of your results.

Recognition and Ethics

This college is a member of the ACS Affiliates Network; a group of colleges from several countries, affiliated with each other through ACS Distance Education.. Courses are developed with input from all of these colleges, aspiring to reflect internationally accepted standards and needs.

A strict "No Plagiarism" and "No fraud" policy exists. Assignments are checked for plagiarism, and assignments will not be deemed to have been completed, if work is not your own original creation, and is found to have been copied from elsewhere. If the person doing the course is discovered to be different to the name enrolled, the enrolment and any results will be recorded as invalid and any fees paid will be forfeited.

Refund Policy

A full refund less expenses (up to 15% of fees applied) is provided to anyone wishing to withdraw from a course, within 2 weeks of enrolment. This does not apply after the first assignment has been submitted and marked; or after the two weeks has expired.

How This Course Could Help You

helps you to efficiently research, collate and evaluate data - a must for students in higher education plus this working in research or researchers across a wide variety of industry sectors.

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Research Project I (BGN102) Research Project I (BGN102)
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